• 8 October 2022
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Es nesaprotu, kāpēc jaunā sim karte nedarbojas. Es pārgāju no DNS priekšapmaksas uz Elisu. Numurs norādīts pareizi, nav kļūdu, bet SIM karte nedarbojas, tas jau būs 3 dienas


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Hello @Haiku 28 and welcome to Elisa’s OmaYhteisö forum! 😊 

We can only help in Finnish, Swedish and English, but if English is OK I can try my best to help you 🙂 if I understood correctly you switched from DNA prepaid subscription to an Elisa subscription, is your new Elisa subscription also a prepaid or is it a postpaid (monthly invoiced, registered to your name) subscription? 

Can you specify in what ways the SIM card does not function? Does your phone give you an error message that the SIM card cannot be recognized? If you turn your phone off and on again, does it ask for a PIN code before the phone unlocks? 🤔 

Could you please add your subscription’s mobile phone number (they usually start with either 045- or 046-) to your OmaYhteisö profile’s private notes? If you go to your profile, there are two boxes where you can add this information and only us moderators can see the info, you can type it in either to Asiakasnumero tai puhelinnumero (ei julkinen) (“Customer number or phone number (not public)”) or Yksityiset muistiinpanot (ei julkinen) (“Private notes (not public)”), either will do. 👍🏼 Please don’t post the phone number here in the public forums for safety reasons, thank you! 

If you’d like immediate help and service in English is OK you can book a callback appointment from our customer service here, the phone call doesn’t cost you anything and if you book it with the subject Fault report (mobile subscriptions) you will receive a call from a specialist from our fault investigation department who should be able to help you with your problem with the SIM card. 👍🏼

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